I knew she had a passion for organizing and while we needed to be quarantined a year ago, I sent her a message that I needed some advice for my pantry. She was so helpful that it was a no brainer to have her come help me get our lake house shaped up after a big renovation. She was easy to work with and asked all the right questions to see what would work for me. I highly suggest if you get overwhelmed with any type of project you give her a call. She’s fantastic and I’m so thankful for her!!

– Leslie Shoemaker

“I am very fortunate that Shannon had become a friend before she started her business.”

“I can normally figure out how to purge and organize my house. I love doing it when I have the time and motivation. I can normally do the same for others, too. This time, I was in over my head.”

I had to take on my parents’ house. My mom was a very organized person. Although she has a ton of things, it was all very organized. Over the last few years, she was heading into the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. Not realizing how bad she became until she couldn’t do daily tasks. Putting away things from a holiday, a get-together, or even the end of summer. I opened up a door to a storage area in her house, only to find things shoved in and piled up.

I thought I could handle the task myself until I kept going room to room. My anxiety level went into over drive because it needed to be done, but I didn’t know where to even start.

 That’s when I called Shannon. She came over, and I showed her every room in the house. She was amazing with giving me a plan because I knew we/she couldn’t do it all in one day. Having to purge your parent’s things while they are home is not an easy task. We started in one storage area, and from the second she walked in, she was in complete work mode. As we pulled things out, she made it so easy for me to either keep, donate, sell, or trash. If I was unsure where it should go, she helped me make that decision. In such a short time she had that area put back together in a way I would still be trying to figure out what to do with. She even disposed of some of the trash and took stuff to donate. (Those things would still be in the back of my car if I had to do it). The woman is amazing. I even opened a drawer and closed it because I knew it would take too long to do. She had it organized in less than 10 minutes.

I highly recommend Shannon to anyone who has lost motivation, is overwhelmed, or you just don’t have time to do it yourself. Because of the time frame we had, I chose to stay and help her with it all. She normally does it all on her own. I still have about 10 more rooms for her to do, and I will not even try to do what she can do on my own. When my Dad saw the area, I thought he was going to cry with excitement and relief. He even now starts a project he wants done with, “Call your organizer friend to get this area done.”

– Jacqui Portolese Denman

“Shannon was our angel! She organized, emptied, and rearranged dozens of boxes, and put our house together when we returned home after a fire.  She jumped in and did it all while we were at work and school! I truly don’t know what we would have done without her!”

– Shelly Cope Circosta

She does an amazing job!!! Very professional and will pretty much take any small space and turn it into an organized and useful area. She did work for us and we loved not only her work but we also enjoyed working with her.

– Jamie Meek

“OCDC did an AMAZING job in my home! I would highly recommend for any organization or re-vamp project in your home. Very timely, considerate and efficient!”

– Nickicole Lindsey Otterbridge

Shannon was so easy to work with and had great ideas for how to make the space work best for our family. She organized our garage and I’m so thankful she did because it makes mom life much easier having organization amongst the chaos. More projects in the future for sure with Shannon.

– Stacy DeMauro

Shannon is a great listener. We went through our wants and needs for the project and she followed them to the letter. She is very respectful about privacy and personal items. I would trust her again with any job – large or small.

– Christine Bissell Trowbridge

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